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About Me

I'm an artist. Lot's of different mediums.

[1] I am a cartoonist. I draw comic strips and such all the time, and hope to make a webcomic someday. In the last year, I've basically just been developing a couple of characters, as in previous attempts, my characters weren't dynamic enough to write jokes or stories about them.

[2] Photographer - I got a digital camera last Christmas, and since then have been taking photos nonstop. (Except when the camera broke, and had to be hauled off to Canon to get it repaired.) People on the internet have regularly praised my work when I shared it with them, but I really am just an amateur who happened to be born to be an artist.

[3] I also do pencil, charcoal, pastel, and ink well. Most of my pencil work involves still life, and I am currently doing a still life that takes up the whole room, which we do every year in my art class at school.

I have recently taken up charcoal, and there, I pretty much draw some lines and see what comes out of it. It's quite fun.

I have very little pastel work, and I usually mix that with charcoal and graphite combined. Oh well.

My favorite medium involves using black india ink and nibs and crow-quill pens. When I'm at work in my office, that's what I use, but I do my doodles in black ballpoint. I draw my comic strips in India ink, which sometimes ruins them, but I can get good results if I work right.

[4] I also write short stories and such, but I usually don't get very far. I have a number of great ideas, but the work of writing my thoughts on the page is very time consuming. I've tried to write books, but I don't ever get past the first chapter or so.

[5] I also write. I've done a few awful short stories, an I have a bunch of great ideas for some stories I'm trying to write. There have been a number of times where I tried to write a book, utterly failing after the 1st chapter or so.

I do have one really good first chapter though........

[6] I also do videos! I have a number of cool videos o my youtube channel. Ask if you care.


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