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Greetings! :) My name is Alex Markley, and I'm that one Markley Brother guy! I have done a number of things, ranging from the uninteresting to the vaguely interesting. I will not document them here.

Instead, I will relate the story of the squirrel:

One day, as I was making my way down a dirt country road, a little squirrel crossed my path, running as quickly as it could. As I looked, I saw that it had crossed the road in order to climb a tree, which it nimbly did.

Before I could blink an eye, a car came whizzing by in the opposite direction. The squirrel eyed the car warily, but did nothing.

I continued on my way, and the squirrel remained in the tree whose branches it had risked everything on the demon road to climb into. As far as I know, the squirrel remains there to this very day.



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