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Time Flies

Sunglasses! (Lies)

Here it is, a day or so after the release of my newest song, a single day before my school kicks back into high gear, and I find myself looking back over the last several months, wondering where they went.

I'm aware that time usually flies, but in my case, it beat me up and stole my sunglasses first.

Now, in a previous post, I had mentioned that school would push other things that I would rather be doing out of my schedule. Unfortunately, I didn't even get the chance to do as much school as I would have liked!

For one thing, work has been killing me. I do, among other things, software R&D. Recently, being faced with demand for a program that didn't exist, I wrote one, putting in as many as eleven consecutive hours in per day. That accounts for a few weeks.

Oh, and there was the DeVry presentation too. I had somehow (don't ask how) been scheduled to speak at the local technical school about the Open Source community. Looking back at the lack of fatalities, destruction of equipment, or calls to 911, I'd say that it went fairly well, except of course that it took nearly a week out of my summer to prepare for it.

There was also a little problem that I've been trying to work around or fix, where the Linux kernel locks up hard as soon as I load USB2 support. :-/

And then there were the sunglasses! I have come to the conclusion that God does not approve of me wearing sunglasses. That is the only reasonable explanation. You see, I have owned a long line of sunglasses. All of them have died horrible deaths.

These deaths are always that the sunglasses either become blindingly ugly over time or they explode. There are only these two options. For example: I just recently, at the suggestion of a female friend, purchased a pair of sunglasses at the local preppy hangout for the extortionist price of twelve US dollars. Realize that spending the money on those glasses was nearly a physical pain. My frugality knows no bounds, so to know that I am being cheated and to go along with it anyway is a horrible feeling.

Frugality set aside, I purchased the pair of glasses. Less then a day later it was shedding nose-pads. Why, I'll never know, but it was shedding nose-pads.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the pair exploded later. Now, I know that, when I put it in my pocket, they were whole. When I took them out, however, they were in as many pieces as a pair of sunglasses can be and still be recognizable.

These little issues, among others, have contributed to the oddest summer of my life.

As an example of how chaotic, rambling and confused my summer has been, I present this journal entry.

The parallels are uncanny.

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