The Malex Minute

Welcome to The Malex Minute, a hilarious audio show from the Markley Bros.! Following the life and times of an alien fuzzball, a disgruntled laptop, and the broken shell of a man they live with, The Malex Minute is one comedy you won't want to miss!

We often poke fun at politics and the entertainment industry while simultaneously satirizing whatever happened to us at the grocery store last week. It's so exciting! We've even been known to bring in various people and interview them! (Failing that, we occasionally corner various people and interview them - an exhilarating, albeit frequently unsatisfactory solution.)

Launched in March of 2006, The Malex Minute is the longest running show the Markley Bros. have ever produced. Some of our very funniest moments are contained within this massive archive, and we are absolutely delighted to share them with you.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in!

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